We want to do the hard work for you!

Dental offices, we understand what you are going through!  Being dental professionals ourselves, we see what is happening in the dental office and dental field.  Dentists just want to be dentists again and Front Desk Personnel want time to get their jobs completed too. It is tough and time-consuming having to look for good, dependable, and well educated dental professionals to work for your team! That’s why we created EmployDent, LLC.  We want to help you out, so you can focus on your own tasks at hand.  

Why EmployDent?

As the beloved dental employees that we have had for ages begin to retire, move to new careers, or decide to stay at home, we are left scattering to find new employees to replace the old in our dental offices. It is time-consuming and scary, tedious back-breaking work.  Work that none of us want to do, because we don’t have time for it! We are supposed to be practicing dentistry and giving our guests the best and most ethical care that’s out there. As we find ourselves pulled in one too many directions it makes managing our dental offices and schedules difficult to stay productive!  That’s where EmployDent, LLC comes in! We are dental professionals that are familiar with the dental community. We take the time to listen to you and understand your personality, as well as the dental office, ‘s so that we can find the perfect candidate for you. Let us do the dirty work and you do the dentistry!

Dental Offices
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We can’t wait to hear from you

At EmployDent, LLC we hope to hear from your dental office.  We look forward to helping your dental office make it through the day when an employee calls off at the last minute or filling a vacant opening with an amazing new team member as opportunities present themselves!  And to help you focus on dentistry, we will pay the dental professional substitutes for you and invoice you later so you don’t have to worry about it, PLUS we also do all of the W9 and 1099’s for you as well. It is all ran through the EmployDent, LLC business so you don’t have to use your valuable time for it!

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What EmployDent Provides

EmployDent, LLC is a digital platform that links dentist and dental offices to the professionals they need in their dental office for work.  Rather it be another Dentist, a dental hygienist, dental assistant, front desk administrator, EFDA, and more.  We do this by listening to what you want and need in your dental office.  We take the time to connect you to who we truly believe will work out for your dental office, we don’t just throw a body at you to fill your void, we find someone that fits your needs and personality of your dental office.  We let you focus on being a dentist again.

At EmployDent, LLC we work with the dental professionals from the beginning to have all their information for credentialing verified for your dental office, so that when you are ready to place a professional in your dental office, rather as a sub-contractor or permanent placement, you can feel secure knowing that they are indeed credentialed to do what they state they are.  There is no need for you as the dental office or dentist to need to waste your time doing this.  EmployDent, LLC does this hard work for you so you can focus on being a dentist.